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Centro turco busca centros asociados granadinos para programa Comenius

Projet 1

We are preparing a project about Gypsies (Romanies) and looking for partners for this. If you are interested, please contact us.

 Gypsies (Romanies) living in our village. Getting on well with the locals in the village.Continueing their traditions, improving on the workigs at the places such as factory, field and how can we bring their children to the school? Learning and comparing their education levels,cultures in the countries being member of the European Union. We have 123 students, 50 students of them are Romanies.Our Primary School is in Gümüşgün being a very small village.It is at distance of 150 km from Antalya. Our school is in Isparta. Isparta is famous for its rose, fruit and apple gardens and carpets.It is on the foots of Mount Toros.

 Projet 2

We are preparing a project about preserving the nature and looking for partners for this. Moreover, we would like to be a part of the project which is concerning the Nature we are a general high school in the city centre. If you are interested, please contact us.

The only area in the world  that ''Quercus Vulcanica'' still  grows in our city. Our purpose is to preserve these trees and to inform the rest of the world about this tree and also to let the people  learn  about products  of this tree.  Moreover living organisms in the forest of ''Quercus Vulcanica'' will be  our main concern. By living organisms we mean both plants and animals so in short we  want to protect the fauna and flora  in that region since that kind of oak has only been  growing here. In this forest of oaks  trips, trekking and sightseeing tours can be organised. By having  a collobration  with  other  countries from Europe which also have  green areas and  forests  we want to start a campaign  for  protecting and  advertising  these green areas.
Our school is in the south west part of Turkey.  We are the primary education school in our city. We have got 123 students aged between 6-14. We are in Gumusgun village at distance of 26 km from city center and we are at distance of 146 km. from Antalya.   In our school English is the basic foreign language taught. We have got a computer and science techonology  laboratories.  Moreover our school also includes a football pitch, basketball, volleyball and tennis courts. Our city has the population of 190 thousand people. Our village has the population of 860 people. It is a very small village. Our school has 50 Romany Students.
Name of the School/Institution:  Gümüşgün İlköğretim Okulu Müdürlüğü
Type of school: Primary school
Age of pupils/students:  6-14
Street: IGümüşgün Köyü Gönen ISPARTA
Postcode/city: 32730
Country: Turkey
Tel. School 00 90 246 556 50 79
Fax school: 00 90 246 556 50 79
Title of project/subject: Quercus Vulcanica
Coordinator/contact person:  Mustafa Gurkan
E-mail contact person, Mehmet ALTINAY: mehmetaltinay[arroba]hotmail.com.tr

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